Jenna Wolfe - American Journalist and Personal Trainer

Jenna Wolfe was a correspondent on NBC's Today Show before becoming the news anchor for Weekend Today. In 2014, she started working as a lifestyle and fitness correspondent, and in 2017, she moved to Fox Sports on FS1 as a host on First Things First.

From a young age, I was a little girl with moxie.
I not only knew what I wanted but how I was going to get it. From convincing my grade school teachers to let me turn my book report into a production, to creating our high school's first ever TV station, to being the first female sportcaster on broadcast TV in Philly, to hosting the weekend Today Show.
My path was far from perfectly paved.
I overcame getting bulled in high school because I was "too athletic" and that wasn't cool back then.
I disregarded nearly everyone's advice telling me that I'd never make it as a female sportscaster.
And I had two babies later in life when many thought it would be too hard with my schedule.
To buck the trend, to follow the fire that burns within you, to tell yourself you can and you will... that all takes moxie.
That's why I've been a Moxy Girl every step of the way. What's your Moxy story?

Learn more about Jenna and First Things First on Instagram.

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