Deena Kastor - Olympic Medalist (Marathon)

Deena Kastor is a long-distance runner who won the bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics for the women's marathon. She's an eight-time national champion in cross country. She's built her career on positivity and optimism and is an inspiration to runners and non-runners across the country.

Over the span of my career as a U.S. distance runner, I always knew it would take endurance, strength and power to get to the top. More surprising is what I learned.

The years would show me that it would take moxie over anything else. If you have the virtues that govern yourself unbeatable, unstoppable and undefinable, then you just might be surprised by your capabilities!

My moxie power is resilience, because I am neither defined by victor nor defeat. Instead I use all my performances as a benchmark for growing faster, stronger and wiser.

Sure, I've been disappointed, but that only means I care about my pursuits and want to do better. So I get back to work. The best in the world? Yeah, well let's find a way to top it.

I've been known to surprise myself and others in competition when I use my force of character to pull me through. Along with training my body, I trained my moxie to chase Olympic medals, world records and personal bests.

That's my Moxy story. What's yours?

You can read more about Deena's journey in her book Let Your Mind Run.

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