Siena Ledesma - Ski Racer

Photo by Sue Morning for Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation

Siena is an 11-year-old ski racer who lives in Mammoth Lakes, CA. When she's not skiing, she plays soccer and runs cross-country.

Siena is a strong athlete, and while she's only in 6th grade, she doesn't let her age hold her back. There's no other option for Siena but to be the best she can be.

Once when playing a soccer game she pushed through an eye injury and scored a goal even though she could only see out of one eye. In another instance, she was preparing for a ski race and dealing with nerves and fear. She found her determination, pushed her fear away, and went for it. She placed 7th out of 108 racers.

What is Siena's advice for other Moxy Girls?

Being a leader is building people up. Have courage. Be willing to learn from others, be inspired by others and be an inspiration to others.

Siena definitely serves as the inspiration for others as she's the inspiration for Moxy Girl.

Thanks for being a Moxy Girl, Siena!

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