Girls today aren't competing with the boys. They aren't held down by what it used to be to be a woman. They don't dream of being equal... they dream of being the best, regardless of gender, age or experience.

Today's young women are the inspiration for Moxy Girl. They are relentless, fierce, courageous and empowered. But we found that there wasn't an easy way for women to show this Moxy spirit to the world. And there wasn't a go-to place for stories of incredible Moxy spirit to be collected.


So we built Moxy Girl: a clothing brand and online community built by women to inspire women.


Moxy Girl is inspired by "moxie," a word that means energy, courage, determination or know-how. Informally, moxie is a force of character. We see moxie as guts, grit, perseverance and gumption.

Every woman is a Moxy Girl, whether they've discovered it in their own lives yet or not. In both clothing and community, Moxy Girl follows the philosophy of I used to dream of being equal. Now I dream of being best.



All Moxy Girl clothing must check these three boxes:

  1. Be comfortable enough for all day wear in a variety of activities
  2. Show the world your spirit and strength (aka your Moxy)
  3. Start conversations with your community of strong women

We offer shirts, tank tops, hats, hoodies and sweatshirts. Outerwear is coming soon. We offer sizes from extra small to large. Shipping is free for orders over $50.



We love the Moxy Girl clothing, but our hearts beat for the Moxy Girl community. It's the power of women coming together and supporting each other that propels the brand and makes Moxy Girl what it is.

Read our current Moxy Girl stories featuring Deena Kastor, Stacey Cook, Carly Margulies, Jenna Wolfe and more.

We know you have a story that shows your Moxy and we'd love to hear it. We invite you to tag us @moxy.girl when you share your Moxy story and use hashtags #moxystories and #whatsyourmoxy.



Jeannie Ledesma founded Moxy Girl in 2018. The Moxy Girl brand has a special love for supporting young women who are building their dreams, but the brand and the community are for women of all ages, ethnicities, fields of work, etc. No dream is too small to be full of Moxy.

Jeannie lives in Mammoth Lakes with her husband, Michael, and their children Siena (11) and Hayden (8). When Jeannie was 18, she went to fashion design school, and she's been in the fashion industry for the last 25 years. Her career has taken her to Europe, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea and more. She's been to all seven continents and lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a year.

Despite traveling all over the world, Jeannie and her family love calling Mammoth Lakes home -- they can ski, hike, bike and live an outdoors lifestyle in this beautiful mountain town.

She finds inspiration in her family, travel and life experiences. She believes in stepping out of your comfort zone, having grit, courage and resilience, and learning and finding inspiration every single day.

What is Jeannie's advice to other Moxy Girls?

Have Moxy. Don't be afraid to reach for the top.

Read more Moxy Girl stories.

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